School Curriculum

Greenslade Primary School Curriculum


We are passionate that our children benefit from learning experiences of the highest quality. We want children to be challenged and inspired to learn using various styles that reflect their differing needs and the wide range of curriculum content. Our broad and integrated curriculum excites children due its relevant and dynamic nature. We aspire for children to learn the appropriate skills and knowledge required to be successful in the 21st Century in a contextualised, meaningful way. Our aim is for them to be confident, risk taking learners who know how to learn.

We have been inspired over recent years by using the International Primary Curriculum as our learning base. We have linked as much of our Literacy and Numeracy objectives to this wonderful global learning tool and our children love the variety and creativity it provides. Children learn collaboratively whenever possible so that speaking and listening, questioning, problem solving and thinking logically are at the heart of a day at our school. We are as creative and flexible as we can be with the content of the learning to ensure the themes we use match children’s needs and are as linked and integrated as possible. We want children to see the reason for learning and to enjoy it as a meaningful life changing experience.

At the same time our curriculum is carefully and rigorously planned to ensure progression and continuity. We want children to be inspired and motivated but they must be learning too! The skills and understanding our children develop remain rooted in the National Curriculum and Literacy and Numeracy objectives. These therefore remain at the heart of our learning. Sometimes a specific skill cannot be taught through a broader theme and the credibility of learning would be hampered if tenuous links are made. In these cases teachers will plan discrete lessons to ensure the objectives are met even if they do not follow the overall theme for the term. This can often be the case for Maths.

Reading high quality texts is also at the heart of our curriculum and each unit is planned around a book that links to the International Primary Curriculum theme.

We are constantly reviewing our curriculum and our focus this year is on developing Science learning in a more structured and   rigorous way than the IPC themes suggest. We are also looking at Art as an area for development this year.

Our children love learning in our ICT suite, using laptops and Ipads in their classes. Our aim is for children to stay motivated and independent lifelong learners.

We continue to follow the Greenwich SACRE syllabus for Religious Education (RE). In addition we follow national guidelines on the teaching of  Physical Education (PE),  Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Personal, Social and Health Education with Citizenship (PSHCE). Our PE teaching benefitted last year from a whole school “Real PE” teaching programme. All the staff were trained in using this creative, skills based learning tool.

Our Key Stage 1 and EYFS use the Letters and Sounds phonic programme and we are part of the Greenwich run CLLD (Communication, Language, Literacy Development) programme to ensure our children’s progress and performance is monitored and moderated by our Local Authority colleagues.