Headteachers Message

A Message From Our Headteacher, David Ashley


I am very proud to have been the Headteacher of Greenslade Primary School for nearly twenty years! I love working in this warm, creative and supportive atmosphere at the heart of our community. I lead a group of wonderful, aspiring and committed colleagues determined to achieve the highest possible outcomes for our children and families.


We are a successful, friendly, and vibrant inner city school with a diverse balance of amazing children who aspire to be the very best they can be. Our size, a one form entry primary school with a Nursery, enables relationships to be a great strength. The welcoming, inclusive nature of our very supportive community enables everyone to feel truly valued and respected. Our children are motivated, independent, work hard, love learning and behave well.


We are incredibly well supported by our parents and carers who engage in a wide range of activities that continually develop and enhance our children’s learning. From our Nursery up to Year 6 they are fully involved in moving our children on socially and academically. We have a brilliant parents association known as FOGS – Friends of Greenslade School. We continue to expand our range of after school activities including multi sports clubs, football clubs, gymnastics drama, homework learning clubs, booster classes and an award winning gardening club.


We have been inspired over recent years by the introduction of our new curriculum using the International Primary Curriculum as its base.  We have linked as much of our Literacy and Numeracy work to this wonderful global learning tool and our children are loving the variety and creativity it gives us. Children learn collaboratively whenever possible and speaking and listening, questioning, problem solving and thinking logically are at the heart of learning at Greenslade. We are constantly reviewing our curriculum and our focus this year is on Science. Our children love learning in our ICT suite, using laptops and Ipads. Our aim is for children to stay motivated, independent lifelong learners.


Greenslade children are successful learners and achieve well. Across the school they make faster rates of progress than their peers nationally and attainment at the end of every Key Stage is above national figures in all subjects and has been repeatedly so over the years. Our vulnerable children (those receiving Pupil Premium) achieved a 50% better outcome than their peers nationally at the end of Key Stage 2 in July 2017.


We are extremely inclusive and are determined that all our children receive the highest quality provision so they achieve at the highest possible levels. We have a wonderful and well deserved reputation for successfully supporting children with special needs and I am really proud of the progress they make and the way they are included in everything we do.


Greenslade is an amazing place to learn!