School Governors

The Role of School Governors

governorsimageAll state maintained primary, secondary and special schools are accountable to their Governing Bodies, which in turn are accountable to parents and the community. Parent and staff representatives are elected to the governing body; the local authority appoint a Governor to the governing body. In addition the governing body can co-opt its own governors from the local community.

The Role of the Governors at Greenslade school:

The Governors of Greenslade school have three main roles:

  1. They are responsible, along with the Headteacher for the strategic direction of the school
  2. The governing body is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  3. They act as ‘critical friends’ using their experience and expertise to challenge and support the school to improve.

At Greenslade the Governing body meets regularly throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of the school. This is split into Committee meetings and full Governors’ meetings.

We have 3 Committees:

Business – This committee, which meets 3 times a year, focuses on the school premises, finances and personnel issues

Raising Achievement – this committee, which meets 3 times a year, focusses on what is being taught at school, how the children are taught, the progress they are making and the levels of attainment they achieve.

Pay Committee – scrutinises recommendations regarding pay

Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body 2023/24:

Register of Interests:

All members of the governing body – and staff, where appropriate – are required to complete an annual declaration of the financial and pecuniary interests, and any relationships between Governors and members of the school staff.

Please click below for details of Greenslade Governors, their terms of office and register of interest