Please call us on 020 8316 6847 to book a place on one of our school tours:

Monday 6th November – 11:00am

Thursday 9th November – 11:00am

Monday 13th November – 11:00am

Wednesday 15th November – 9:30am

Friday 17th November – 11:00am

Friday 24th November – 11:00am

Tuesday 5th December – 9:30am

Thursday 7th December – 11:00am

Thursday 11th January – 11:00am

Welcome to Greenslade Primary School


We are passionately inclusive. We value the unique qualities of all members of our community and celebrate our similarities and differences. We show respect and compassion for everyone, including ourselves, and care for one another.


Our children are motivated by rich, high quality learning experiences. Our broad, ambitious curriculum reflects the values and diversity of our community.


We are determined that all of our children succeed and meet their full potential both at school and in their future lives.  

welcomeimageGreenslade is a successful, friendly and vibrant inner city school with a diverse balance of amazing children who aspire to be the very best they can be. Relationships are a great strength and the welcoming, inclusive nature of our very supportive community enables everyone to be truly valued and respected. Our curriculum is relevant and challenging. Our children are engaged inspired and motivated. They love to learn and behave well.

The wonderful balance of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds of our children ensures that they learn as part of an extremely well mixed group. Our philosophy of valuing the contribution of each member of our community means that we work in a positive environment in which people feel proud of their achievements, are respected for their opinions and strive toward their next step for improvement. We are passionate about our children having access to learning experiences of the highest quality in all areas and at all ages, learning using styles that reflect their differing needs. Behaviour at our school is very good and our children love to learn and enjoy coming to school. 

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